Few module updates lately?

Is it me or are there very few (almost none actually), module updates in the last few weeks? Just something I’ve noticed, seems odd…

Not related to this project, but I noticed that Ruby released a new version on December 25.

Generally, though, I would not expect a lot of software releases happening over the holidays.

yeah I was kinda suspecting the sam thing but also thought maybe all the effort is going to ver 17 at this point…

Averaging an update every two days over the last month, but this is in edge:

[root@pbx asterisk]# grep Updated freepbx.log
[2023-12-11 10:05:23] [freepbx.INFO]: Module: sysadmin Updated to version [] []
[2023-12-13 10:05:13] [freepbx.INFO]: Module: cdrpro Updated to version [] []
[2023-12-13 10:05:17] [freepbx.INFO]: Module: superfecta Updated to version 16.0.29 [] []
[2023-12-14 10:05:13] [freepbx.INFO]: Module: extensionroutes Updated to version 16.0.8 [] []
[2023-12-14 10:05:34] [freepbx.INFO]: Module: sangomartapi Updated to version [] []
[2023-12-14 10:05:47] [freepbx.INFO]: Module: sysadmin Updated to version [] []
[2023-12-18 10:05:14] [freepbx.INFO]: Module: cdr Updated to version [] []
[2023-12-18 10:05:24] [freepbx.INFO]: Module: cdrpro Updated to version [] []
[2023-12-18 10:05:34] [freepbx.INFO]: Module: contactmanager Updated to version 16.0.25 [] []
[2023-12-18 10:05:51] [freepbx.INFO]: Module: restapps Updated to version [] []
[2023-12-18 10:06:35] [freepbx.INFO]: Module: sangomaconnect Updated to version [] []
[2023-12-18 10:06:42] [freepbx.INFO]: Module: voicemail Updated to version 16.0.51 [] []
[2024-01-05 10:05:17] [freepbx.INFO]: Module: cdr Updated to version [] []
[2024-01-05 10:05:28] [freepbx.INFO]: Module: voicemail Updated to version 16.0.52 [] []
[2024-01-09 10:05:15] [freepbx.INFO]: Module: backup Updated to version 16.0.68 [] []

This is mildly concerning. If we look at the latest updates on github all are over a month ago. Now I don’t obviously expect to see the commercial updates there but your list shows open source modules.

This tells me if there is development it is being done in private without any review and the community gets to sit in the dark and have no input. I haven’t seen any staff PR’s pop up. There is one ignored community PR with a signed CLA from over a month ago. It could probably be attached to a ticket but there has been no replacement to the bug tracker. That begs the question if what are they working on if it isn’t being tracked “officially”.

I guess “open source” has no requirement of transparency or inclusion but without it what’s the point. Let’s just close source and re-license any new code. Let’s quit beating a dead horse and call it.

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not running any systems on edge. Honestly I haven’t seen a module update in about a month from the stable tract. My systems check a minimum of once a week for regular updates and automatic for critical/security.

again another week and no updates at all. This is starting to get concerning. @lgaetz should we be seeing module updates outside of the Edge channel?

doesn’t “edge” become “stable” after some time…?

Yes but I can’t remember ever seeing this long of a gap in module updates in the last 10years or so. (of course my memory ain’t what it used to be but still)

The policy “was” to do conversion every Tuesday post QA approval. So essentially whatever QA approved by Tuesday would get pushed to stable. This way people could expect weekly updates every Tuesday except for security updates which could release any time.

If the devs are busy preparing the new distro with the new operating system and all its consequences, wouldn’t that lead to long gaps in module updates too? Of course, it could also be a sign of Sangoma being in trouble. I guess that’s what you think…

I’m not suggesting that necessarily, more along the lines of maybe there’s a problem with their mirrors? I had thought maybe they were concentrating on release 17 but they’ve never, to my knowledge stopped maintaining module updates to work on a new release. And since Lorne says there are updates in the edge channel one would think there would eventually be releases… It’s been over a month without any module updates…

Could it be a sign of sangoma in trouble? maybe… Or maybe their priorities have shifted away from the open source project? who knows?

looks like an update for SysAdmin was released this week to the stable track

The main focus of the dev team at this time is on FreePBX 17. There is quite a QA backlog and as a result, we can expect the interval that modules take to go to stable from edge to be longer than normal. Obviously if there are any serious bugs or security issues, they will jump the queue.


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