Few issues after upgrade from 6.12 to 10.13

I did the manual upgrade and got a couple of issues.

First, when I log in using root on ssh, I get: This account is currently not available. But then, it shows correctly and I can use the user in SSH.

From that, if I try to enable the firewall, the ssh console will keep saying: Firewall Rules corrupted! Restarting.

Tries rerunning the Wizard but same thing. Went into /tmp/firewall.log and notice an error:
Unparseable output from getservices - This account is currently not available. - Returned 1
No fbpx-rtp in ipv6

Also, I have OSS PBX Endpoint which gave Endpoint Manager install error (the two cannot coexist). I uninstalled it so Endpoint Manager could upgrade. Then, I uninstalled Endpoint Manager (I have no licences for it) but I can’t reinstall OSS. I get:

What to do?


OSS End Point Manager is not support by FreePBX and appears to be broken for FreePBX 13