Featuremap not working

Wondering if anyone is running into this same issue and if there’s a solution…

Asterisk 1.4.18
FreePBX 2.4

I’m using soft phones (tested with several; same results). I have no hard phones to test with.

Basically none of the feature codes in [featuremap] will work. (mainly interested in atxfer)
In FreePBX 2.4 the [featuremap] looks like this:

My DIAL_OPTIONS is set to 'tr’
I’ve even forced the TRUNK_OPTIONS to ‘tr’

Searching for this same issue on the web I came across some suggestions of adding the following to a dialplan in extensions.conf: include => featuremap
With this suggestion in mind; I’ve tried adding this include for featuremap under [macro-dialout-trunk] and [from-internal].

When I press *2 or ## or even just # on the phone; nothing happens on the line nor in the asterisk console.

After lots of trial and error; I have figured out why this wasn’t working for me.

I had to add the following under general settings:

  • ‘t’ for Asterisk Dial command options
  • ‘T’ for Asterisk Outbound Dial command options

That’s it!
No changes to the conf files.

Hope this helps folks in the future…

I can not make *1 work for inbound calls. It works fine for outbound. In fact, it seems that all the “featuremap” codes are working ONLY on outbound calls. On inbound, they just send DTMF.