Feature request - Zaptel Setup Tips

Feature request - Zaptel Setup Tips in Zap Trunks / Zap Extensions pages.

This is not directly a FreePBX problem, but could significantly reduce problems with the overall Zaptel/Asterisk/FreePBX setup.

Basically, just a line near the top of any Zaptel-related FreePBX page linking to a page/popup/tooltip that gives info on the Zaptel setup and config ‘tweaks’ that are scattered over the internet and hard to find.

If using analog zap trunks, run fxotune to configure the fxo modules initially and after adding or changing any trunks/hardware - details here: http://www.voip-info.org/wiki/view/Asterisk+fxotune

If you are not in the USA, make sure you set the loadzone=UK and defaultzone=UK lines in /etc/zaptel.conf and also pass the correct country parameter to the zaptel modules by adding

[code:1]options wctdm opermode=UK
options wctdm24xxp opermode=UK
options wctdm8xxp opermode=UK[/code:1]before the respective install lines in /etc/modprobe.conf
(changing UK to the required code)

If you are using analog zap extension phones with short timed break recall (‘hook flash’) - which applies to the majority of phones used in the UK & Europe - uncomment the line [code:1]/* #define SHORT_FLASH_TIME */ [/code:1]so it’s just [code:1]#define SHORT_FLASH_TIME[/code:1] near the start of zconfig.h before building zaptel (or do a ‘make clean’ then make / make install & reload zaptel to update an existing installation)