Feature Request for Sangoma Phones

We want to have the name and Extension on the Top of the Screen.

Date and time is not very important.
Maybe it can be on the top of the background image in the middle of the screen?

This is a Mitel Phone with same display size as the Sangoma S700

Is this possible with Sangoma Phones in the near Future?

Did you fill out a feature request in the Issues page?

I cannot find the correct category for sangoma phones. So my first way was the community forum

Give some thought as to how to deal with the situation when the phone has multiple registrations to multiple extensions.

Maybe there is an option to select a line i want to use for the moment.
Then this name should be shown on the display.

After i change to line 2 then the name should also be changed.

As your are well aware already open a feature request at issues.freepbx.org under phone project. We can evaluate it and reply on thoughts about it.