Feature Request:: CID Callback Trigger

I am sorry if this in not the place to post feature ideas/requests.

Also if FreePBX does already what I am about to explain - great can anyone explain how?

CID Callback Trigger

Would allow a PBX setup that has several extentions but cant or doesn’t want to assign every extention its own dedicated (DID). CID Call Back Trigger creates a record in the database of every sucessfully outbound call. Providing a call-back phone number-to-extention.

DID-to-Extention allows any extention to call a PSTN line (land line or mobile number) but defined in the trunks caller ID settings would be the fixed telephone number to show up on the called persons CID screen. CID Call Back Trigger creates a record in the database of every sucessfully outbound call, saving the users Extention number, Trunks Outgoing CID and 10 digit phone number called. When the called 10 digit phone number calls the phone number listed on there caller ID it would connect to defined inbound route which would query the callers (CID) if a match is found it then would route the inbound call to the extention number defined in that database record.

Development Ideas

On “Trunk” screen when adding or editing an outbound trunk, there should be another checkbox option to enable a specific trunk that enables CID Call Back Trigger.
Never Override CallerID: [ ]
CallerID Call-Back Trigger [ ]
You must define an Outbound Caller ID that matches an Inbound route (DID) on the this trunk when checking this.

Inbound DID route, would be nice to have an enable check box
CallerID Call-Back Trigger [ ]
When adding/editing Inbound routes, if CallerID Call-Back Trigger is checked all inbound CID’s are queryed against the db if no record continue to set inbound route destination.

In 2 Extentions call that same number at any point the newest record would be used for routing.

It be nice to have a field were you could enter in all Inbound DID’s that have CallerID Call-back trigger enabled on.
So if phone number being called from Extention already exists from another extention with the same call back DID, use the next listed call back DID

feature requests if you want them to be really looked at should be posted in the bug trac.

on the left hand side select development, report bug. when entering the info in change the issue from bug report to feature request.