Feature Extension: Music over phone

I would like to go about playing music (via the same music played in “music-on-hold” feature) through the phone while it is idle. I am new to TrixBox/FreePBX and do not know enough to create a macro or whatnot to allow the playing of music by dialing a feature code, say *63, and where it would cut off when a call comes in to that extension.

Would someone be willing to assist me or point me in the right direction to make this happen?

Thanks in advance,


I created a ‘Work Around’ by creating a Misc. Feature e.g. (*555) and placing the user on Hold Forever with music playing while on hold.
This way the type of music is controlled and I can actually pump company info/updates through out as an .mp3, though it does require frequent management.

Although it is a very nice feature and available on most (dumb) analog systems, the architecture of sip doesn’t allow for such an option.