Feature Codes seem to not be working after module upgrades

PBX had Phone Apps disabled, needing an upgrade.
Ran module updates next evening.
Got Phone Apps re-enabled. Everything seems to be working.
Next morning, some feature codes seem to not be working.
Have 3 extensions stuck in DND and feature code will not turn them off.
UCP will not turn it off either…if I toggle the slider, it just toggles itself back on.
Have even attempted to use a script (lgaetz/lgaetz-dnd.php) to turn off, but stays “DND Enabled”

Lastly, the feature code for Day/Night mode call Flow Control is no longer working. Stuck in Day mode.

Any additional diagnostic information I’m happy to provide. Any assistance would be appreciated.

-PBX Version:
-PBX Distro:12.7.5-1902-3.sng7
-Asterisk Version:13.22.0

Is this still an issue? Anything helpful showing up in your restapps.log file? If you look at your module list (fwconsole ma listonline), anything relevant unexpectedly disabled, or have an upgrade available?

As for the feature code, assuming it’s *79, what does this command show?
asterisk -x 'dialplan show *[email protected]'
It’s probably not dialplan related based on your other symptoms, but it could still be worth checking.

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