Feature codes for call forwarding broken

when trying to change the features codes for call forwarding it will not work. The other feature codes are working. How do you change the default code or turn on or off the function?

Freepbx 2.11 with all updates on Asterisk 11

In order to disengage call forwarding I deleted the extension, mod reload, then added the extension back in. Now the extension can receive calls. And the feature code is set to disabled so that it won’t happen again. Hope this gets fixed so that feature codes for call forwarding can be used as needed. The latest upgrade of call forwarding is a pain.

What do you mean the upgrade of Call Forwarding is a pain?

I had the call forwarding feature codes turned “OFF” prior to the upgrade of the new module.
My hypothesis is, when I installed the Call Forward module upgrade, all the feature codes were turned “ON”. I was using the prefix *7208-1xxxxxxxx in a dial string that set the callerid of an outgoing to call to a 208 area code. When an extension dialed the prefix *7208xxxxxxxx the call was forwarded to 081xxxxxxx number. The turning off or on of tht function/code, after the upgrade, did not work on my system. Stopping Call Forwarding, the *73 code would not work. (Or I did not know what string to dial to stop call forwarding.) When I tried to enable or disable the feature codes for call forwarding, do a module reload, I would get an error message. So finally I deleted the extension and then added it back in to remove the call forwarding from whatever extension it was engaged.
I have not done any more testing to see if I could get it to work.
I have deactivated the call forwarding module. (I don’t have/allow any of my extensions using it.) I have 80 extensions/40 that are always registered.