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Hello community,
i would like to know, if i can disable all not needed “feature code” without affect the core freepbx dialplans; in otherwords feature codes are only related to user extension “dials function” or are globally relevent? i don’t need all these enabled by default.
Thanks guys.

Nothing will happen.

But of course, make sure to keep the Voicemail, Transfer, and important feature codes you do use.
Hint: If you are not sure if that feature code is related to something you use, disable, test and enable it again if you see that it fails…

Thanks for your reply “Pit”,
i will disable all unnecessary feature codes.

IMO, the Asterisk Transfer feature codes are specialty functions that should be reserved for unusual situations, e.g. to allow a user to transfer a call that was forwarded to his mobile. Normally, the Transfer button or softkey on the IP phone or SIP app should be used instead.

The Transfer feature codes have security issues if not carefully configured, can interfere with DTMF commands intended for the remote system, and the tones are often heard by the person being transferred.

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