Feature code to re-record system recordings


Having some trouble with using a feature code to allow users to re-record system greetings. When they dial a feature code to access it, press the button to re-record, it goes immediately back to the main menu and does not let them record anything.

When I view this on the Asterisk CLI, I can see the issue is because the audio format is being set to opus, and it complains that you cannot record in opus format, so after it errors out it returns back to the main menu.

I have SIP setup in Free PBX to allow opus, g722 and ulaw (in that order). Other than that I have not configured anything specifically related to codecs.

Can someone make a suggestion how I might set the recording to default to another format such that it will record properly yet still be able to use opus on the phones and mobile apps?

Ive messed with this one for a while and the closest I got was creating a custom macro to override the freepbx version, hard coding a format. Problem is when it goes to play it back, it still defaults to opus, can’t find the file, so it breaks there.

I am sure there is a better (correct) way to address this. Just not sure what it is.


Better off to offer g711 or slin first for this scenario.

Except that is not easy to do since the extensions seem to be wanted to have quality first.

@ledoktre about all you can do when someone wants to rerecord is change their extension manually then put it back.

That or change everything back to G711

It is likely that only local extension to local extension will benefit from OPUS, the rest of the world will likely only get g711 transcoded audio via slin. g722 coming ‘real soon’ maybe . . .

The best benefit I can see from OPUS is for clients with limited bandwidth, such as using a soft phone client over 3G or LTE or a remote phone via VPN or some such.

I understand that there is not much benefit outside of that, except as mentioned ~ ext to ext dialling. Even SIP trunks that offer OPUS (Telnyx comes to mind) is going to get transcoded back to g711 once it goes out on PSTN I’d assume.

If we need to change their extension manually, let them record, then change back, I may as well log into FreePBX and have the system dial their extension (that was the reason for enabling the feature code, to allow the user to re-record holiday greetings etc at will). As awesome of a project as FreePBX is I’d assume there has to be a more elegant way to handle this… ?

Sorry, just trying to think outside the box on this one.


Based on your description of the problem, I would not expect that to work either.

@sorvani, this actually is how we recorded the greetings in the first place. I was in the conference room, had the user on their cell phone speaker phone, I would say, okay dialling you now, and would hit mute (on my cell phone). They would record, hang up, I would unmute, and on to the next one.

It worked. How or why IDK

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