Feature Code - General Call Pickup: Never internal calls

Hi there!
We’re using FreePBX Distro (5.211.65-6), and we’re very happy with it. :slight_smile:

But we have never been able to get this thing working: When we use the Feature Code *8 Asterisk General Call Pickup, when don’t want it to pickup internal calls (From one extension to another).

How can we configure this?


Is it not possible with FreePBX?

  • Nope, buy something else.

  • Oh, well, thanks!

Hollow threat as our software is free.

Your first question made no sense.

Suggest you read documentation on call Pickup, Pickup groups and directed call pickup.

Also we have a post “read this before posting”, since you failed to follow the directions and give us information on your system we can only assume you are not vested in a solution.

Sorry, it was not a threat, just a bait.

Change “when don’t want” for “we don’t want” in my first no sense question to be able to understand it.

I don’t know what information besides distro and version you miss.