Faxstation ports How to Separate?

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(Shackbill) #1

So i have 1 Fax trunk and 2 DIDs. I am using ports 1 and 2 for each of 2 faxes. But on the ‘Fax Trunk to Device Assignments’ I can only drag 2 DIDs into 1 port? All outgoing faxes appear to be from one DID. Any advice how to properly config this?

Also, i have a few faxes that are sent where the state says ‘SUCCESSFUL’ but the receiver says they never got it. Is there a way to trace that?

Im Guessing i should be able to set this up for 2 ports - 1 did for each? But i dont see how.

(Shackbill) #2

So i just noticed this is where the DID assignments to Ports is located… If i try to remove a DID im prompted with a CANCEL request. If i say yes, will that CANCEL the DID or just cancel the DID assignment to the port?

(Shackbill) #3

Nobody has any idea about this?

(Lorne Gaetz) #4

Open a faxstation ticket with your questions.

(Shackbill) #5

Ok thanks i just did that. I guess i thought i couldnt submit something becuase all my support credits got used up from the last time i submitted something there… which i thought wouldve been covered by the service?