FaxStation Fax to Email Prob Not COnfigured right

Have a New FaxStation just connected with 1 trunk + 2 DIDs - one for each company. I’ve created 2 user accounts with a separate email account attached to each DID. I successfully sent a couple of faxes to the first number connected as i can see the faxes in fax portal. Problem is i dont get them in email. I guess i figured the faxstation service would send the faxes as attachments to the email account i have configured for each user but i get no mail. Ive done a message trace in my exchange server and i dont see any traffic being processed for that destination. and I dont really see any config in FaxStation to configure anything else. I notice there is a FAX tab in user management but nothing there suggests a connection to FaxStation.

Ive tried calling the number (several times over the past week) for support for NEW faxstation owners and ive left my number yet nobody ever calls back…i guess perhaps nobody works there? The only person i can ever get hold of is our sales rep and i hate to keep bugging him.

Any advice on how to connect this to deliver email. The FAxstatoin Wiki doesnt even have a section on email.

Hi @shackbill. Can you open a Fax Station ticket for your questions at https://support.sangoma.com/.

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