FaxPRO - Notification of Received FAX, but stored in UCP

Is there any way to get an E-Mail saying a FAX cam in, but not the FAX - Can’t send Sensitive things through E-Mail which is why they bought FAX-Pro.

So, just an E-Mail saying there is one there - but not the actual FAX attachments.

No FreePBX inbound faxing emails the whole fax. You can do a feature request for it.

I know there are several classes of business (HIPAA compliance, for example) that would benefit from being able to control whether or not faxes are delivered to e-mail, a local printer, or UCP. It would be really cool to be able to choose where the incoming fax goes.

Feature request or even better a pull request with the changes made. This is all part of open source fax module in FreePBX

Actually, I was talking about FAXPro – If it could be put in the Free Fax portion, all the better – but I think the free module is missing WAY too many pieces to accommodate this – I would pay for it to be in the Pro module and so would MANY of my customers.

No all inbound faxing is handled through Faxing in FreePBX. Fax Pro is only about outbound faxing. Minus it lets you see inbound faxes in UCP but all the handling of emails and everything is done in FreePBX open source fax module.

Are we talking about the same thing here? FAX Under UCP is only in FAXPro - that would be where I would expect to see an interface controlling where the FAXes end up.

No that setting would be controlled in user manager where all fax settings are controlled currently.