FaxPro - No additional fields when coversheet is chosen

Theuser manual for the FaxPro module indicates that the additional fields for the coversheet should be displayed if the checkbox for a coversheet is selected. However, I recently installed the module and these fields are not displaying properly for me.

What have I done wrong?


Are your browser updated?
I have no issue with chrome

Yes, I have tried in IE, Firefox and Chrome. This is what I am seeing:

I should add that the “+” button is inoperative, too.

Unfortunately Fax Pro in ARI is no longer being developed so a bug report against that would not produce results.

All active work is now happening in UCP for Fax Pro.

The license will transfer without needed to purchase it again.

You are on the old fax pro.
in my opinion, you have to upgrade to freepbx12.
The new fax pro is a very powerful solution.

Thanks, guys. I have been trying to figure out how to upgrade the FreePBX distro, as there is no module in module admin, and the announcements are unclear about how to do that. I finally stumbled across this link, so I will follow those instructions. Given that 12 is now out of beta, I presume that it is safe to disregard the beta disclaimers on that page?

This is now working properly after an upgrade to FreePBX 12.

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