FaxPro error-"Far end cannot receive at the size of image"

I have the Fax Pro module (licensed for 25 years) and I am having a problem with SOME outgoing faxes. I get this error “Far end cannot receive at the size of image”. This can happen when I try to send as little as three pages, with no FreePBX-generated fax cover sheet. The documents are PDF documents from our Ricoh copier (6001).

I saw this (http://issues.freepbx.org/browse/FREEPBX-7140) and see where it says to add “-g1728x2156 -r204x196” But where to I “add” this? Is it some conf file?

Thank you!

So I found out the Ricoh 6001 was saving the 8.5x11 PDF as landscape (so when you open the PDF, everything had been rotated 90 ccw). When I physically rotated it 90 degrees then scanned it, the PDF was normal portrait layout and I was able to fax without error. Also, 8.5x14 legal works fine.

So I guess this is not an issue with FaxPro, but it would be nice if FaxPro would recognize and auto-rotate the PDF. Maybe something to put into a future release.