Faxes going to VoiceMail

I am trying to set up incoming faxing via FreePBX with Asterisk 11 and FPBX 4.211.x.

I have installed the module via the Digium Add on and registered the license for the Free Fax.

I have setup the Fax Options under Settings --> Fax Configuration

I have a dedicated incoming route with a dedicated DID

Created a dedicated extension, with FAX enabled and a valid email address…

Here is the issue, when I call the DID, the system answers and send the fax to Voicemail. I get a notification that I have a new VM, but the fax “tone” does not seem to be detected.

I have looked at every post but this issue does not seem to be addressed, and yes Im probably doing something “weird”, though according to the docs I found I should have it set up correctly. I am using a trunk from SIPSTATION and it notes they support the ability to fax. The trunk is set to detect faxes and set to SIP/4/FAX Ext.

I really only need to receive faxes, and from what I read receiving is pretty good…

Any help MUCH appreciated!



The FreePBX distro includes SpanDSP, an open source FAX Library. FAX is configured “out of the box”.

The Digium FFA solution is supported via FreePBX and can be selected from advanced settings. From a system perspective SpanDSP and FFA should live together however you either have misconfigured FreePBX or otherwise hosed up the system. Without experience I doubt you will be able to fix it.

If I were in your position, if you want to use the Digium solution I would just install CentOS, Asterisk and FreePBX by hand.

The distro FAX solution works well, any reason why you did not just use it as supplied?

Fax Detect is a really tough thing to get working. Best bet is to route a dedicated DID to your fax recipient.

Thanks for all the replies, so more info…

I have removed the “Free Fax” from Digium and am now trying to use the built in fax setup, per SkyKingOH. I do have a dedicated DID going to a dedicated Extension. I have removed the “detect faxes” option and enabled “faxes” on that extension. If I disable voicemail on that extension and call it I get a “Your call did go through” message. If I enable VM on that extension I go to voicemail.

I would think the system would need to answer the call, but it doesn’t unless VM is set up…

I just feel like I need to “check a box” somewhere… :slight_smile:

Again that’s for the help!


No you need to pick Fax Recipient as the destination not Extensions.

Heh, WOW do I feel dumb! :slight_smile: That did it… its picking up and Im getting the fax via email. New issue though… the fax comes in as a PDF attachment. Not 0k like I have seen with some threads, but I can’t open the .PDF, error is “Adobe Reader could not open <fax.pdf> because it is either not a supported file type or because the file has been damaged (for example… wasn’t correctly decoded)”.

I am running FreePBX Distro 4.211.64-7, asterisk 11 64bit.

THANK YOU for the help!


I did find this with in the FreePBX JIRA system…


No real fix except the change the .PL script… should I move on that or is this fixed in a update I may not have (I noticed v-9 was available)



Try downloading “Foxit Reader”.


As I search more, I see that that script mentioned in the ticket has been deprecated, so that may not be the issue. Ill check just to verify, just seems odd that its the same error…