Faxes coming in on wrong channel

PBX Firmware: 10.13.66.-21
Use Flowroute

I’m having an issue where faxes are going to the wrong location.

What we have:

8 Trunks all set to receive faxes. (Trunk A, Trunk B, Trunk C, etc.)


Trunks A&B work and are able to receive faxes (These two are on the top of the Trunk list. Not sure if this has anything to do with it).
When trunks C-H are sent a fax, they go to trunk B.

Looking at the CDR report, this is confirmed as the Channel column says “SIP/B-Trunk-XXXXXXXX”

I went and looked at the trunks and everything looks to be correct.

Compared Trunk A & B to all the rest and I can’t see a difference between them.

I’m not sure where else to look.

I am a noob at asterisk cli, so you might have to spell it out for me what commands to run.


Are these chan_sip trunks? Are trunks B-H all to the same host?

Yes, all trunks are chan sip.

All trunks are on the same FreePBX system.

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But why would it skip Trunk A (First in list) and go to Trunk B? Wouldn’t they all go to Trunk A?

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