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Could you, please, give idea how I can configured my Asterisk 13.13.1 and FreePBX13.0.190.11 for getting faxes via spandsp module, please? What difficulties can I meet? What should I consider?

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Purchase the fax pro module. The ease of use in UCP and general administration is a breeze.

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If your needs are modest, you don’t need the Fax Pro commercial module to receive faxes, you can receive faxes without it.

What the Fax Pro module adds is sending faxes and better management of received faxes.

See https://www.freepbx.org/fax-pro/

The most reliable way to receive faxes is with T.38 and not all providers support it (I think most don’t and some do but don’t support it well).

For my modest needs when I needed this I went with another provider for my fax DID because the main one did not offer T.38…

If your DID is dedicated to receiving faxes, you can set the destination of its inbound route to a fax recipient (those are “created” in User Management when you set Fax > Enabled to Yes). If the DID is also used for voice you need to set Fax > Detect Faxes to Yes and additional options appear.

You set the parameters for the fax in Settings > Fax Configuration.

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