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Hey Everyone,

I am looking for a way to fax to a printer, has anyone ever done this?

I need to keep things a little more secure than using e-mail which in this situation I have used before. I have some HIPAA stuff to address.

Any help or guidance on the topic would be appreciated, I can’t seem to find much.

Best Regards,

Chris W.

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It is my understanding that HIPAA is “protecting patient’s health information”

It is also my understanding that you can use efax and emails as long as you safeguard the PHI

  1. Restrict access to PHI
  2. Encrypt PHI data during rest and transmission
  3. Sign BAA if there is third party accessing the PHI
  4. Keep logs

If faxes left on the printer face up, this might be HIPAA violation.

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T38 Fax and Voip software intergrates with windows fax and scan. Data is only on their windows server which they manage. Incoming faxes can go to a shared folder or be printed as well. They can share out the fax printers over their network.

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You mention not using email… however I have setup the following with outlook:

How to Print an Email Attachment from Outlook automatically

This has worked for us for several years.

You could also do something with Firebird:

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Thanks a bunch everyone, I did see how to print emails via outlook, etc. but needed something more unattended.

A lot of my medical clients are very HIPAA concerned and don’t want anything at all stored anywhere (or possibly stored anywhere).

What I came up with:

  1. I installed procmail and enabled it in /etc/postfix/main.cf

  2. I installed uudeview and have procmail dropping attachments in ~/attachments on the PBX server

  3. procmail invokes a script I wrote to print *.pdf in the ~/attachments folder

  4. ~/attachments is wiped after LPR exits with a good status code.

  5. Procmail dumps the email to /dev/null

It seems a bit complex, but overall I am not sure there is much to break. I’m revising my little printing script to do a bit more error checking (anything I can think of).

so far it’s working amazingly. If I get time i’ll try to post the scripts when I get all the kinks worked out!

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Unfortunately, the onsite self proclaimed sysgod has convinced the practice administrator and president that it is too great of a risk.

It’s a story I hear way too often, from others as well.

I did figure out what turned out to be a pretty simple way to do it below.

I am working on it in the dialplan as well as a side project (since its working well now).

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I’m aware, this is a client demand.

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