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Trying to setup fax to email. I watched some videos on versions previous to FreePBX 15 where they just created a virtual user and after applying the config, it presented a “Fax” option with a field to populate the email address.

This is not the case in FreePBX

Any insight on how to make this work in FreePBX Running Asterisk 16.9.0

Thanks in advance…

I’ve not done this with a virtual user, just on a regular DID to a phone. Need to ensure faxing enabled in the User Manager directory entry (or globally in the settings for the directory in UM) and that the user has an email address in the User Manager.


I found this walkthrough https://tech.iprock.com/?p=11938

He mentions for later version to do just what you said to do in the user manager.

I just don’t understand how the fax will go to the email. My experience is that it shows up in the user control panel. I believe that functionality is included with the fax pro module?

On the inbound route you send the call to “fax recipient” I know. But again, it has never shown up in email, just the UCP.

In the UM settings for a given directory group (for example “All Users”), in the Fax tab one enables inbound fax detection and attachment type.
Hmm, but now I cannot locate where one actually configures how inbound fax detection works lol.

The fax detection is on the inbound route.

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oh right! lol.
So you configure fax detection per inbound route, but a user will not show up in the popup for ‘Fax Destination’ unless faxing is enabled for whatever group they are in in the UM directory they belong to. (and they have an email address in their UM directory entry).

So you are saying that the user is correctly setup for receiving faxes, but you never get an email?
And they have an email address in their UM directory entry (and faxing is enabled in their UM directory entry?)?

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