Fax settings on General Settings menu

I got a Digium license for Free Fax for Asterisk today, installed it, and everything looks good to me – I can see the appropriate output from the CLI when I do a ‘fax show stats’ or ‘fax show license’, etc.

There used to be fax settings in the FreePBX menu on the General Settings menu as well as the Extensions menus… I am not seeing those now.

Is there something else I need to activate to get the fax options back on the menu again?

Thanks in advance,

I installed the fax-config module from Schmooze.com, and some of the options appeared now. That seems counterintuitive, as I thought their module was for hooking into their service, not for fax support in general. Can anyone shed any light??

the fax module is what provides the fax functionality in FreePBX now. There are no “services” that Schmooze provides, they just happen to be the authors of the module who contributed the code to FreePBX.

Great! That was the missing piece of the puzzle. Now, off to see if inbound-faxing is really going to work for me. Thanks