Fax problem!


I have bought the Fax Pro module for one of our customer. I have done all configuration as documented by Sangoma.
I have a problem to access the Fax feature in the UCP (Fax Pro Configuration?) for which I’m still waiting for a solution as Sangoma has lot of difficultes to ssh to the FreePBX instance) but I don’t think it’s related with problem we have now.
I’m doing tests to check it works to receive fax (I can’t send some for now due to issue with UCP). When someone sends a fax it starts to receive and then suddenly stops communication from what I understand in logs but I don’t know what is the reason :frowning:
Here are logs while receiving a fax (I have replaced DID fax number by myDID for confidentiality):
logs.tgz (17,7 Ko)

Thanks for help,


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