Fax Pro (XactFax) module: is it possible to have multiple e-mail recipients to send received FAX to?

Fax Email field (FAX Pro settings) could have multiple recipients (like mailaddress1;mailaddress2 or mailaddress1,mailaddress2 as example)?

Best regards, Davide.

I’ve gone into the email server and created an alias file. Any mail that goes to "[email protected]" goes to "[email protected]", "[email protected]","[email protected]", etc. Just like doing a catchall address for a department which goes to several department personnel.


I was thinking about a similar solution too while I was disabling the IPv6 support on Postfix (just to stop such annoying messages about it in maillog).

With your help the FAX Pro is now up and running and I started to look for improvements (User Portal FAX section side I mean).

Thanks you very much!

Still, I’m going to ask a FreePBX (FAX Pro module) improvement about that…having a multiple recipients is quite common and should be supported by just separating them with a comma.

This is not something Fax Pro handles. Inbound fax to email is handled by the standard FreePBX Fax Module.

Well…shouldn’t Postfix’s Aliases Table be valid only for Local Recipients (recipients managed by Postfix locally)? I’m using Postfix only to connect to an external SMTP Server (GMAIL) which then sends them to the final recipient…

And so such type of setting should be applied on the legacy FAX Module (in the Extension settings)? or, in both cases, no multiple recipients are allowed?


When you write " Inbound fax to email is handled by the standard FreePBX Fax Module" you mean that FAX Pro module “Email address” (under FAX Transport Options) field has no value on the process?

Yep…maybe I don’t undersand the help tip “…when using the Dial System FAX feature code” part…

OK, it works (placing comma separated mail addresses into the “FAX Email” setting field, under the FAX section of the FAX Recipient virtual Extension).


No need to touch Postfix or whatever.

Could be nice to change the Help tip of the “FAX Email” setting in order to suggest that more than a single e-Mail address could be written.

Actually the Help tip is:

Enter an email address where faxes sent to this extension will be delivered

But, IMHO, it could be:

Enter one or more e-Mail address, each one separated by a comma; Incoming FAX for this Extension will be sent to configured addresses.

Or something similar (written in a better English than mine).

Best regards, Davide.

As stated the inbound fax to email options in a extension have nothing to do with Fax Pro. Its part of the built in open source Fax Module in FreePBX

I do the aliasing on our primary mail server. Not on the one built into FreePBX.


So I can’t apply your workaround. I’ve solved because multi-recipients is allowed as I described above. Thanks Bill.


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