Fax Pro (XactFax) module and how to manage inboud FAX calls if there are multiple (DAHDi) digital Spans (g0/g1)


I have a (hope not silly) question regarding the deployment of FAX Pro module (XactFax) on FreePBX Distro (Beta and/or Stable) when the system has multiple digital Spans (as example: DAHDI/g0 and DAHDI/g1) connected to Euro-ISDN BRI PSTN lines.

Let me explain my scenario:

  • Two single channel Euro-ISDN BRI PCI cards (so a total of 2+2=4 B Channels) are available on the system, these two cards are connected to two ISDN NTs (Network Terminators).
  • Inbound/Outbound calls flow without issues (incoming caller number appears if not hidden/unknown), voice quality is OK, call setup is OK (tested with latest 2.11.22 DAHDI).
  • Both ISDN NTs have, respectively, two assigned PSTN numbers each one (the main one is used for voice calls, the added one is mainly used for incoming FAXes and in this way is known outside).
  • Each main PSTN number is the one the outgoing calls are presented (to the called user) with (and so basically the two FAXes numbers are used only to receive FAX calls; outgoing FAXes appears to be generated, as normally happens in a similar scenario, from each one main PSTN numbers).

With the scenario described above I’m going to evaluate (to purchase) the FAX Pro module but, first, I need some clarifications.

I would ask if the FAX Pro module could be configured (or is it a DAHDI DID’s setting matter?) to manage (eventually with the FAX calls auto detection feature enabled) incoming FAXes separately (so some FAXes would enter from PSTN into DAHDI/g0 group and some others would enter into DAHDI/g1 group, depending which PSTN FAX number was called from external) and then to route them, as example, into two separate FAX queues and/or into two separate G.3 FAX machines (in other words: not only into two different e-mail recipients for PDF conversion, but also into two different Extensions, like two G.3 FAX machines connected to ATA devices)?

I’ve read the FAX Pro module user guide but I’m not able to understand IF this is possible OR IF this isn’t a specific setting/configuration that competes to FAX Pro module itself but could be managed (before) through a specific configuration of DAHDI DID settings / FAX settings in FreePBX GUI.

Thanks, Davide.

The other thing to keep in mind is the FOP2 is also in the repository. You don’t have to do anything but ‘yum install fop2’ to be off and running.

One other thing to consider is that iSymphony is a product of i9Technologies and is not a Schmooze product. As a reseller and a fan I can tell you it is “best in breed”. If you found any security issues I am sure that the developers at i9 would like to know. They are very customer centric.

Hello SkykingOH,

I think you wanted to reply to another post (maybe about iSymphony, in another Forum’s section)…

Regards, Davide.

And if…

I have a (hope not silly) question regarding the deployment of FAX Pro module (XactFax) on FreePBX Distro (Beta and/or Stable) when the system has [color=blue]one or[/color] multiple digital Spans (as example: DAHDI/g0 [color=blue]or DAHDI/g0 and[/color] DAHDI/g1) connected to Euro-ISDN BRI PSTN lines.

Please note my [color=blue]edits[/color]. The subsequent questions about FAX Pro module (XactFax) on FreePBX Distro remain (almost) the same.

I hope there will be an expert/a user that could shed some light on that.

Regards, Davide.

Faxes like voice calls are still routed by inbound & outbound routes, I don’t recommend using Fax Detection as it doesn’t work reliably, but if I read you correctly you have dedicated DID’s anyway, so not need to worry about detection. You would point your inbound route for a particular DID to a fax destination. For sending faxes with Fax Pro you can either set a prepend in the fax settings to route all of your faxes out of a dedicated route, (using your dedicated fax trunks in the outbound Route) or when sending a fax from the web interface you can prepend your destination number to use a matching outbound route, it’s probably best to use the system prepend so that you don’t have to train your users. Your users can customize their cover sheets and outgoing station ID, Outgoing Header’s so if they need to specify a different Station ID (usually the fax number)they can.

So it’s a matter of DAHDI DID settings more than setting up the FAX Pro module.

Thanks reconwireless.

Hello Preston,

I purchased a FAX Pro commercial module license and deployed it on a FreePBX Distro 4.211.64-6 system.

I have some doubts about how to correctly implement the FAX Pro into the system because, actually (as I wrote you above weeks ago), it is managing incoming (through a specific DID as you supposed)/outgoing FAXes to/from a real FAX G.3 machine (via a LinkSys ATA) which is configured as a SIP Extension.

Here my questions:

  • Is it possible to make FAX Pro working togheter (read: at the same time) with the actual (FAX G.3) extension in order to receive physically AND via e-mail (with FAX Pro’s settings properly configured) the same incoming FAXes?

  • If YES in which way I should set the FAX Extension (say: FAX/Extension number 30) settings to let FAX Pro to be involved in FAX receiving/sending?

  • If NO (so users shall use FAX Pro for Incoming/Outgoing FAXes through e-Mail/Web) which type of User (for the portal) should I create to use FAX Pro features? …user could then still use a FAX G.3 to send FAX but this will remain out of FAX Pro management.

Hope to have exposed the issue well.

Then will be nice to have a FAX book exactly like Asterisk Phone-book so users (in User Portal) who need to send a FAX can do that selecting the FAX destination accordingly (writing it if new, selecting it from a FAX book if yet available as a FAX contact).

Best regards, Davide.

I’ve used FaxPro a couple of years now, but there doesn’t seem to be a way to send a fax to multiple destinations as you describe.


You would set up a virtual extension for the fax user. Now the bad part…hardware fax machines can be very erratic when set up as a sip extension through an ATA.


The fact is that incoming FAXes hit the real FAX G.3 machine (connected through the LinkSys SPA-2102 ATA) without any (really!) issue.

It simply works as expected (with/without FAX Recognition feature in the DID incoming route).

So this part is outside of my question.

My question is more broader: I don’t understand the very first basic steps to setup the FAX Pro (settings were defined/e-mail settings are OK through Sysadmin Pro module, global e-mail system notifications are OK) to receive FAXes with/without involving the above hardware FAX G.3 machine.

Statement like “FAX user” don’t mean nothing to me…because I currently have only an Admin user and a 30 user (because I activated the Voicemail for that user).

So what’re the very first basic step to start using the FAX Pro module?

Best regards, Davide.

Automatically maybe not.

But each user that has a user portal enabled (so Voicemail feature should be enabled) see a FAX section (if FAX Pro is licensed as in my case) and can manually forward received/sent FAXes to an Extension…so I’m going to figure that is possible to forward a FAX managed by the FAX Pro to a real FAX G.3 machine.

At least manually, one by one (not very useful).

If I’m right will be very useful a feature to let the FreePBX system automatically forward (received) FAXes to a printer/printer queue or to an Extension (a real FAX machine).

There are some (crazy) customers that want received FAXes both as PDF files (so no printing is involved and paper is saved) AND, at the same time, printed paper…which is foolish IMHO.

Ok…In need you to send me some of the magic dust you’re using to have fax work without any issue (grin).

Anyway, just go to extensions and set up a virtual extension. You’ll want to enable voicemail and put in a password. This is so the extension user can get into the user interface to send faxes and retrieve stored faxes. Save the extenion, and then reopen it.

After you reopen it, you’ll then see the fax options. Fill out those appropriately.

Now, go to inbound routes and bring up the DID you’ve assigned for the fax. You’ll want to set the destination to “Fax Recipient” and the extension you just created. Once I get it all set up, I send a standardized test fax which explains to the end user how the fax works. If you’ll PM me with your email address, I’ll be glad to send you a copy of the test message.

Good Luck

Yes, I was thinking of trying to devise a script that would search a mailbox for fax messages and then print them out, but then I decided I didn’t want to open that can of worms.


One more comment, IMHO, the biggest problem with FaxPro is that if the fax fails, it just fails. It doesn’t retry and there’s no notice, which makes it a bit worrisome as a fax sending agent because it means that a user has to stay on the send page hitting F5 at intervals to make sure they get an “OK” or remember to check back after a few minutes. If it doesn’t go, you have to start at the beginning to send the fax again.


OK…that’s a little bit more clear…It’s that I thought it might be.

Is it mandatory to create a Virtual Extension (Device: none (virtual exten) as it is reported on the drop-down menu) or the FAX features could be indifferently enabled on the Extension number 30 (the real one) OR on the Virtual one?

I ask this because in Inbound Route I saw that FAX Recipient (as destination of incoming calls) shows the extensions (real/virtual) that have the FAX section enabled.


(1) create a virtual Extension enabling the Voicemail feature (so User Portal access is granted) with all the bells and whistles.
(2) edit the created virtual Extension enabling FAX settings BUT (big BUT)…why I need to set some options (like “Fax Email”, “Outgoing Station ID”, “Outgoing Header”…) in the FAX section IF I did them on the FAX Pro module page accordingly? Isn’t a duplication? …or can I leave these fields blanks because I yet have filled the FAX Pro settings with right values?

Yes, I voted for this (new) related Feature Request about FAX Pro.

IMHO there are some edges that could be enhanced about that module (moreover if you consider how much it costs).

I understand. We could open a Feature Request for that…I think could be interesting to be able to manage what happens to received FAXes (printing automatically by providing a printing queue or forwarding them automatically to a real FAX G.3 machine).

I will open a Feature Request.

More will be interesting to have access (from the User Portal with FAX feature enabled) to a FAX Phonebook or to the global Asterisk Phonebook IF this one can show (if a new field is going to be implemented) only the FAX recipients telephone numbers…very useful.

…and the magic could be because the PSTN side is an ISDN BRI and so FreePBX is directly connected to the ISDN BRI through a 9 Euros (13 USD?) PCI 1 port ISDN Card (neither certified nor tested) which own an ISDN “Cologne Chip” that is used on the known OpenVox cards too.

Maybe the magic is using (forcing) the G.711 CoDec between the ATA and the FreePBX…so FAXes (through ATA) use maximum bandwidth in comparison to other calls.

Ah…T.38 is not involved…clearly.

I sent you a PM.