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Im setting up FreeBPX and Fax Pro to send and receive faxes, we have a handful of fax lines on a sip trunk. Each line has an extension setup. For inbound the faxes are captured and sent off to various mailboxes for users with the Inbound Routes.

Users don’t have extensions at this point (unless they will be needed for the below), but are added to the system with AD through the user manager

For Outbound faxes, I’m looking at using UCP. Ideally id like users to be granted access to specific fax extensions or numbers and be able to send out any line they have permission to via the UCP, is this possible and how would i do this ?

Right now users can log into the UCP but under the Fax widget there is one item “none” which cant be added.

They need to be assigned a “Primary Linked Extension” when editing the user in User Manager in order to add the Fax widget.

Hi Andrew,

Just looking in the documentation here:

“In FreePBX 13+, a fax recipient’s settings are found in the User Management Module instead of the Extensions module. Faxing is now linked to a user, not directly to an extension. This means you can now have “standalone” fax users who aren’t associated with an extension, if desired.”

Does that not mean they don’t need an extension ?

Sounds like that should be the case, but frankly that’s not what I have seen. I have Fax Pro running for a customer on FPBX 14 and you cannot add the Fax widget unless you have a primary linked extension. If the documentation suggests otherwise, perhaps it is a bug and you should submit a bug report. issues.freepbx.org

You need to have either a regular (SIP or PJSIP) extension or a virtual extension to link it up. But you have to have something.

Thanks for that Andrew, i’ll create bug item there.

Greg, I understand thats how it used to be, but based on the documentation for version 13+ (we are using version 15) that is no longer the case

Don’t know what the docs say, but it doesn’t work: FreePBX-15


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This is what I see as well. Maybe @lgaetz can shed some light as to whether the wiki is incorrect or if we are misunderstanding it.

A user with no extension can get fax to email just fine. So the guide is not completely wrong.

He’s asking for SEND through UCP - This does not work.

You can receive even without FaxPRO.

Yep thats correct, i’m asking about the conflicting info in the documentation that notes i should be able to send faxes via UCP without an extension assigned to myself.

Basically we have a handful of fax extensions, and want these assigned to groups of users to use UCP to send them outbound without having to assign a line to everyone, we only use FreePBX for faxing, user lines wouldn’t route or do anything and i’m truing to work out how to set this up.

You can create virtual dummy extensions that don’t actually do anything to workaround this, but it appears that the wiki is incorrect.

Ok i have now given everyone an extension, now when i load the UCP, i can see my own extension to send and receive faxes, but not the shared fax extensions

So with more time on this it doesn’t look like FreePBX can do what we need even with the FaxPro module… That is, outbound web based faxing from UCP where users can choose what outbound number they send from based on whats administratively allowed for their group.

We are now setting it up just to deal with outbound faxing from physical fax machines (with an extension for each device) and masking the number as our main fax number, and setting up a cloud service for outbound web based faxing for users, and inbound fax to email that holds our actual fax numbers.

Really wanted to use FreePBX for it all but i guess Fax is less of a focus (and a dying technology)

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