Fax Pro not e-mailing incoming faxes **resolved**

Just upgraded and can’t get FaxPro to e-mail faxes (faxes are processed, available thru UI, but e-mails not sent) now with Asterisk 13. I just did the upgrade from 11. I also upgraded from 6.12.65-28 to 10.13.66-7.

Core from to 13.0.40
FreePBX Framework from 13.0.51 to 13.0.54

There was an old case that suggested that I need to go back to Asterisk 11, is that still what I should do? Am I OK with everything else?

Also, I’m running FaxPro 13.0.25 (Fax 13.0.24). I purchased it about a year ago and the button to pay for support is not on the Module Administration page. Is there another place to purchase updates?

Two considerations. The button only shows up when you’re within 90 days of support expiring. Also, you need to check online for updates for it to tell you that. If you’re within that timeframe AND the button isn’t there when you check for updates, we’d be interested in having you contact support to have a look

As far as other places to renew it though, you can always go to the portal and update it there. That doesn’t have the 90 day restriction, you can update it at any time, and for multiple years if you want.