Fax Pro Installation and Configuration

I have purchased and enabled the free license for the Fax pro module. I have enabled it in the module admin page but if I go to the fax configuration options it still shows me the old configuration page missing the options which should be present if the pro module is installed. I have even tried to disable and enable the regular fax configuration module and to reload the amportal but I am still stuck with the old settings and I can’t send faxes. I am running asterisk v. 11.10.2 and freepbx:

I am also wondering how can I install our physical fax machine, actually it is Samsung MFP (multi-feature printer) with built-in fax line. Do I need some kind of digital to analog adapter like Cisco SPA112/122 or not? The only reason why we need working fax is that sometimes we are sending faxes to our customers and the physical fax machines gives us some kind of nice delivery report which in case could be used in court as an evidence. So far I have managed to install the webfax addon but it does not produce this delivery report so I was wondering if the FreePBX could do that with the fax pro module or with the physical fax?

What free version of Fax Pro are your referring to? As far as I know there is no free Fax Pro module. Can you send a screen shot?

I am using Free Fax for Asterisk module from the Digium addons, and under registrations it says Max Registrations. Unfortunately I can’t post pictures since I am a new user. So should I have both fax modules enabled in the same time? I mean Fax Configuration and Fax Configuration professional? Because if I disable Fax Configuration this submenu item disappears.

Did you follow the Wiki instructions about how to purchase and install FreePBX Commercial Modules? If you have a FreePBX Distro 5.211.65 it should be quite simple, have you read this?

Regarding the sent FAX reports (Journal), it was yet asked here and, I guess, would be available in FreePBX 12 which is included into FreePBX Distro 6.12.65 (actually in Beta status): installing a G.3 FAX Machine through an ATA, once that feature will be implemented, wouldn’t be so mandatory.

Thanks for the hints. I have checked the links which you sent me but they do not contain any clue. I have already restarted the web server (httpd), the amportal, and even cleared the cache of the browser and checked with another one but the pro fields are still missing from the fax configuration sub-menu.

I have checked and currently I have faxpro in the following locations:

Where should I check to see if the pro module is correctly installed?

So I was wondering if I have to have this module in some other places?

So from what I read I suppose even if we purchase the Cisco ATA router we won’t be still able to receive this Fax Reports (Journal)?

There is no free version of fax pro. You are confusing the free fax license from digium with fax pro. They are not the same. The free fax license is for faxing using digiums fax driver and has nothing to do with freepbx

If you want to use fax pro you will have to buy it

Ok, this makes sense :). So my question now is if it is possible to send faxes with the Digium addon and if yes, how. But I suppose this is not relevant to the commercial modules section anymore.

By the way I think that 150 bucks are way too much for single license for the fax pro module and even it does not generate journal/status report… It is even more than the fax itself :smiley:

You can think that way all day long but it is fairly priced when the whole PBX itself is free.

I don’t reply about 150 bucks, I proudly paid 250 USD almost a year ago and I’m happy with it, I will do it again if necessary for a new system (more I know there was, there is and there will be continuous developments and enhancements on each FreePBX Commercial - and not Commercial - modules, that’s enough for me); I reply about the wording you used “…for a single license…” which make me think that you (maybe) confused a “single license for a single system” with a “single license for a single FAX”…if the latter is what you think let me tell you that the FreePBX FAX Pro module will let your system to have unlimited (virtual) FAX extensions and unlimited (limited by your disk capacity…) storage space for you incoming/outgoing FAXes and to provide FAX-to-eMail feature (incoming FAXes are mailed as PDF/TIFF to specified recipients) for each defined (virtual) FAX destination; the FreePBX FAX Pro module will enable a FAX section on each enabled (virtual) extension ARI. Your system will be able to send you an e-Mail if a FAX sent fails (or, in any case, if it was sent without/with transmission errors).

Above feature on the FreePBX Distro 5.211.65. More others on the new FreePBX Distro 6.12.65 with the new UCP (User Portal).

How much will cost you, as example, five G.3 FAX machines with five ATAs? Think about it.

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Yes, OK, I really confused both modules, the Digium one and the Schmooze’s one. But since we are small company and we need this journal report I will stick with the physical analog fax.

Thanks to all for your help resolving this issue. You were wonderful :slight_smile:


I did install the fax pro module, but it won’t fax out. I installed everything the way the document says, and installed the Digium software & licenses.

I can “send” a fax throuch the UCP, it accepts the pdf and processes it, and then does nothing. It does not even show in the outbox or sent items.

Any suggestions?