Fax Pro. How to get and install?

I am using FreePBX 15.0.24, and need to install an outbound fax module. I saw that there is a Fax Pro Module that is supposed to enable that. It’s a paid module, so I went to Sangoma, paid $50 for a year use, then went back to my module admin, and downloaded and enable Fax Pro, submitted, and applied. “Fax Configuration Professional” now shows up as enabled, but with a “Buy” button behind it.
I tried to set this up, and I found some “Fax options” under “Settings/Fax Options”, which I filled in. Then, after a bit of searching, I found more options under “User Management/Edit User”, enabled “Fax” and filled those out as well. I then expected that I would find an option for sending a Fax in the UCP, but there is nothing.
Do I have to wait for something to happen from Sangoma? When I look at the order, it shows me that I ordered the Fax Pro option, but it does not give me a serial number. Not sure if I have to wait for that.
I also tried to see what happens if I push the “Buy” button behing Fax Pro, expecting to see that it was licensed, but all I see is an otion to buy Fax Pro for $150.
Looking at the Fax Pro Admin guide, it says to go to “Settings/Fax Configuration” and shows 3 setup sections (Fax Options, Fax Cover Page Options, and User control panel faxing options). I see only the Fax options there. I did find the Fax Cover Page options (without the preview options) in the under User admininstration, but I have not found the UCP options. The manual further says: “Global Fax Settings are set in the Fax Configuration module. If you do not see all the options shown below, double-check to ensure you have Fax Pro installed and enabled.”
From all I can see, I do have Fax Pro installed and enabled.
So, where can I find better information on how to install this?

Go to System Admin> Activation and update your activation. If everything when as it should you should see your license info reflect the newly purchased license. If not, you’ll need to contact Sangoma to resolve.

Thanks. That did the trick. I went to system admin, and there were two options: Deactivate and “reregister and activate”. Pressing the 2nd button fixed the problem.

It looks like there is information now in the “Settings/Fax Configuration” and the “User admin” sections. Which ones take preference? Are the settings in “Fax configuration” global but are tehn overwritten by the user settings?

To try this out I crated a fax and sent it to a fax machine that I could check. I created a fax with a cover page, and they were both sent, but it looks like the 2 pages were sent separately (The fax receiver, which is another computer, delivered 2 faxes, one for the cover page, another for the second page).

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The settings in Settings → Fax Configuration are indeed the global options. What you set in the Admin → User Management section should override what is set in Settings.

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