Fax print driver

I’m looking at getting rid of my fax machines. The Fax Pro module looks interesting. Is there a Windows print driver for it?

The goal is to make it easier, and having users print to .pdf and then go to UCP to send a fax is not easier.

If there is no print driver, what is the alternative?

There is no print driver. I dont know what the alternatives would be

One alternative is hylafax+ (or hylafax) and

but you would need to install iaxmodem’s and/or t38modem’s to connect asterisk to hylafax and a little RTFM’ing which I guess for many is the downside. The upside is it’s a lot cheaper and perhaps a little more functional/robust and will eventually deliver most faxes piecemeal even if the first attempt fails part way through, even with a less than “very good” network :wink:

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