Fax on Sangoma B600 analog card FXS port

Hello FreePBX Experts…

I am trying to do a setup and while SOME posts are similar, I;m still having an issue.

I have a FreePBX install (FreePBX 6.12/65-24 Distro w/Asterisk 11) using a Sangoma B600DE analog card. I have two (2) POTS in a hunt group and a third like specific for faxing NOT in the hunt group.

What I am trying to do is have the DID for the fax utilize the Sangoma FXO port for incoming faxes, this will allow be to use the email functions to send the faxes to the users as requested, but allow for outbound faxing (same DID) from a FAX machine.

I possibly could use a splitter and have two lines from the port, one to the Sangoma card and one to the FAX machine, I guess, but there must be a more elegant way using the Sangoma ports.

Any help/feedback of course appreciated!



I have this card set up with a fax machine and multiple POTS lines, one of which is dedicated to fax use. The fax machine is plugged into the FXS port. You use the “DAHDI channel DIDs” module to assign DIDs to each of the POTS channels and then config your inbound/outbound routes to handle in/out calls however you want.

Excellent… I figured there was a neat way given the two types of ports…

SO you have the fax in the FXS port and are just routing as needed…

While we are chatting… :slight_smile: If I have a hunt group, do I need to add all DID’s in the hunt group to the channel or just the primary one people call?

thanks for the quick response!


The answer to that will depend on how you want to route incoming calls. As a minimum you will require a DID for the fax channel so those calls can be routed to the fax destination by DID.