Fax Help

I have one phone line…with ident-a-call used to signal an incoming fax.

2 short rings and a long ring and we know its a fax and the fax machine picks it up based on this ring sequence.

How do I get FreePBX to translate this under an extension.

I have a newly installed system running in the simplest of forms. Incoming calls are sent to my one defined extension. I have the SPA3102 configured to accept the voice calls. I will be using it or the SPA112 to create and extension for the fax machine.

Have done a google search of the net but not any entries to help guide me…maybe I need to use a method other than ident-a-call within /freepbx.

Thanks for help.

Instead of “ident-a-call”, search for “distinctive ring” and you’ll find a ton of posts.

Looking a guide for freepbx fax setup.

any suggestions…I need the paint by numbers version!!!