Fax file names

We need to be able to have incomming faxes into a directory that users can access. I can see the files but I have no idea whre the filename comes from. We would like to have a filename that actually can be related to a DID or somehtin gof that sort. Anyone else know where the filename comes from or a better way to do this.

You will need to be very explicit about how you are receiving faxes, where they are and wha their names are, what versions of everything you are using, including distro/handrolled etc.

(No mindreaders here :slight_smile: )

I have the latest Freepbx distro just downloaded it and installed from the ISO the asterisk version is Freepbx version Stable-1.815.210.58


As I pointed out in FAX to Disk, the filename is the uniqueid of the call.