Fax experiences using bandwidth.com?

I’ve been asked to setup faxpro and faxing thru ucp for a client and I’m not sure what carrier to pipe the traffic thru. I run most of my voice traffic thru bandwidth.com, but I’ve never used them for faxing anything. Do any of you have any experiences with using them for faxing? Mainly, is it highly reliable or crappy and I should find another carrier for that? (reliability is the most important thing to my client, so I’d consider around a 97%-ish success rate to be reliable)

If you’re using them successfully, are you using t38? or are you g711u? or g711 with t38 reinvite? ecm off? 9600-14400baud?

Thanks for any advise on this

I gateway the audio on the trunks as g711 only but use T38 on ATA’s and Fax Pro.
What this means is you get full error correction and you are doing your own T38 instead of relying on the providers T38 Solution, which do it wrong.

-SIP Settings UDPTL on, redundancy
This turns T38 on but then turns it off on the trunks.
-ECM ON (Don’t listen to that internet advice, ECM actually has a real purpose)
-Find your UDPTL ports and make sure they are open. 4K-5K? IDK I don’t use standard T38 Ports but do a udptl show config comand and it will tell you the ports.

If this doesn’t work just use g711 and turn off all UDPTL/T38 Support. As long as you have low standard deviation and almost no packet loss fax will work 97% of the time no problem over G711.

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What do you mean by “gateway” the audio?

I know my internet connection is pretty solid, but what is standard deviation that you speak of?

Say more about this, please.

I agree with @partgenius suggestions. I use Bandwidth and do the same thing: g711 for for the trunks, T38 for ATAs (not as much experience with Fax Pro as I’d like to admit. lol.)
I can’t think of any issues with faxing using Bandwidth… I actually went onboard with Bandwidth because a 3rd party e-fax vendor I was previously using was actually using Bandwidth for their trunks but the vendor’s servers were so unreliable I needed to setup something myself to save face with my clients.

Bandwidth also provides the following guidelines for faxing:

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Thanks Adolfo,

I did read that bandwidth t38 fax support guide, that’s where I got the ecm off part from…Are you using ecm on as voipgenius is?

What baud rate are you using on the fax machines? 9600 or 14400?

Yes, I’m having a similar situation with another voip fax vendor and their unreliability, so that’s why I’m digging into this.

Level 3, Intelliquent All have error correction turned off by default on their T38. This leaves people getting half pages. If you use G711 on your trunks you can have error correction.

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