Fax Email text box in extension settings

The FAX Email text box trims text longer than 50 characters. The box let you enter text longer than 50 characters but when you save the changes it keeps only the first 50 characters. I am using the FreePBX distro and it is fully up

This is probably not an issue for the majority of users as a single email address is usually shorter than 50 characters. The problem is if you want to send the fax to more than 1 email address. I found that if you place a comma between email addresses the system will email the fax to multiple recipients. This works great unless I exceed 50 characters.

I need to use three email addresses for some of our fax numbers and the 50 character limit is preventing me from doing so. I know I could add groups to our email server and just send the fax email to that group but I really don’t want to create 20 new groups for that purpose when I could just enter the email addresses into the fax setting for the extension.

Would it be possible to increase the number of character the fax email textbox accepts? If you need help testing I am willing.

If anyone knows a good workaround I am feel fairly comfortable editing text files. The only problem I see with editing the text files is if another admin forgets about this issue they might override the email addresses if they save changes to the extension using the gui.