Fax Detection

I am running FreePBX version
I don’t think it makes a difference to receive faxes but I have fax configuration professional installed.

  1. I am trying to setup incoming fax detection on my extension. I have an inbound route with “detect faxes” enabled and it points to my extension as fax destination. Fax is enabled in user management but the fax is not detected. Am I missing something?

  2. Is there a feature code I can enter after answering the call to send it to the fax system? I tried 666 but that is not working.

I can send faxes from UCP without issues.

I think you want it to point to “fax recipient” with your user selected. I believe you can enable/disable fax in the user settings. If it is disabled it will not show up in the fax recipient list.

The inbound route is pointing to my extension as fax recipient and fax is enabled in user management.
I guess I wasn’t 100% clear on this in my post.

So I think there is some confusion still lol. Are you setting the destination as fax recipient, or are you setting the destination as your extension and then setting fax recipient in the fax tab? I haven’t tried setting the main route destination as fax recipient and have only done it via the fax destination in the fax tab. Going to test one of my inbound routes by setting the main destination as fax recipient in a minute and I will post results.

The main tab (General) points to my extension
The Fax tab points to fax recipient
Detection time is 4 but I have tried 6 as well.

What about my second issue the feature code to dial when I receive a call that I want to send to fax (after I pick up). I used to do this with my old fax machine and it worked great.

Hmm ya thats what my setup is. I have fax detection set to sip as well. I haven’t used the feature code myself but wouldn’t it be useless if the system is detecting faxes already? That being said it is possible that the issue with the feature code and the issue with detection could be related. Have you checked the debug while trying the fax or feature code to see if there are any clues as to whats going on?

If I set the inbound route straight to the fax recipient it works. Anyone knows if I have to define the settings below in udptl_custom.conf or is it done by the GUI?