Fax Destinations - SIP Detection

After a ton of search boxes, I’ve yet to find the answer to what I need…

Just upgraded from AsteriskNOW to the FreePBX distro and am absolutely loving it. Works much better than what I had before.

With everything working so well, we’ve decided to take a stab at Fax integration. Our SIP trunk provider supports T.38, so I know I’m good there. I also went through the rungs with iaxmodem+hylafax and only ever got 100% successful transmit and 100% fail receive. So I figure I’d give T.38 detection in Asterisk a shot…

I’ve enabled on one of my Incoming Routes - Detect Faxes: Yes - Detection Type: SIP - Detection Time: 4
The destination is what stumps me. I have tested with another users extension as the Destination and attempted to fax the number, voice calls go to regular destination, fax calls ring the fax destination extension I specified.

With that working, where do I head now? All we want is all incoming faxes to be handled by the server and either dropped to email or the servers filesystem - I could handle the rest from there… However the list of destinations does not make it obvious how to set that up. Not to mention the lack of straight forward documentation on the subject.

Is there a module I’m missing? Or do I have to create some custom dialplan? Maybe I’m so entirely wrong that I need a smack in the head, but either way, any help would be fantastic.

To the FreePBX crew, please keep up the amazing work!


You can open an existing extension, and click the option to enable that extension for Fax, you will then put the email address you want associated with that fax user. Next you create an inbound route with your Fax DID, and then set the destination to Fax Recipient and choose the extension you just modified.

After a little fiddling, I realized that if I setup SIP detection on my main DID and then forwarded to the feature code destination for faxes, everything worked out great…

Thanks for the input!

I misread your original post, didn’t realize you were looking for routing for SIP fax detection… I typically just route a dedicated DID directly to a fax recipient. Fax detection over the years on SIP has had issues, so I find it’s easier just to take that out of the equation. Some people will use it all the time, but with different hardware, connection types and protocols, I like to eliminate the chance of missing something.


I have an IVR set up with an option just for the FAX signal. So if the caller presses 9 the IVR sends him to the “fax” extension, for example, n. 12.

So I created a Virtual Extension (12) and enabled Fax on it.

But when anyone tries to call 12, no fax signal at all.

What am I missing?

Thanks a lot!

All we need now are a faxes that listen to your IVR and know when to press 9, think about it . . . :wink:

Ok, just found out what was missing.

In the IVR configuration ‘IVR Entries’, I had to select ‘Fax Recipient’ (instead of ‘Extension’).

Now it works.