Fax Configuration. Confusing. System Fax Feature Code

I’m having a difficult time understanding the steps to setup inbound and outbound faxing in FreePBX 14.

  1. I have an inbound route for our fax number. If I understand correctly, I can either send this to a fax recipient (i.e. a user that has fax enabled, this uses the email address of the user) OR I can send the fax to the “system fax” feature code (which uses the email address defined in Settings>>Fax Configuration)

  2. When using the system fax feature code, what setting is used to determine the attachment format (PDF, TIF, Both)?

No you can only send faxes to a user. The old feature code was for really old versions and that is not supported anymore.

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Tony, a little confused me too,
What is “dial system fax” feature code 666 intended for ? (it is still there)
Also , what about “fax configuration” section with “email addres” field with an help saying “Email address that faxes are sent to when using the “Dial System Fax” feature code” ?

Is all this not working anymore?
Where are “per user” fax settings ?

Thank you