Fax attachment to FreePBX

Hi ,
I am looking for Fax solution in FreePBX.
Actually my question is what the exact requirements for Fax system in my FreePBX is ?
Is Faxpro compatible with analog Fax machines ? or do I have to use Digital Fax machine ?

Thanks in advance,
H. Aydin Ucar

State your requirements then someone can advise what is necessary.

I have a FreePBx based VoIP in my office , version is FreePBX 12.0.32 . And we have no Fax machine ,and need a Fax to use in FreePBX in office. I am planning to buy Faxpro for this as it is only solution I found as far.
What else I can state ? all need what kind of another solution can I have or what kind of Fax machine is good for Faxpro ?

With basic free FreePBX you get inbound fax to email automatically. When you buy Fax Pro, your users can also send outbound faxes, and see all their incoming and outgoing fax history when they log into UCP. There is no need to have a fax machine, unless you want one, a fax machine complicates things a bit since you also need hardware with an FXO FXS port to plug it into.

Thank you very much Lorne Gaetz indeed.
Is there any link to check Faxpro Software and FXO Hardware and buy ?

D’oh! I made a rooking mistake. To plug in a fax machine you need an FXS port. There are lots of options and different types of hardware for this.