Fax answer tone

We use the FreePBX to receive Faxes to email in legacy mode. An inbound route is designated to detect faxes, the detection type is SIP and delay 10 seconds. Everything works great when the sender plays a fax tone.

However if the sender fax machine waits for an answer before sending the fax tone then the fax fails as FreePBX also waits for a fax tone from the other side before it answers so if both sides wait for a fax tone then the fax fails.

Why can’t FreePBX answer with a fax tone on a dedicated fax extension? We also have fax2email with an outside provider and their system answers every call with a fax tone just like a normal fax machine. Is there any way to configure FreePBX to do the same?

First, I wonder why you use the legacy mode?

In normal mode, once you enable fax in the reception and enter the e-mail address for the extension designated as the fax recipient, everything works perfectly.

Once you set the fax extension as the destination for the inbound route and enable fax recipient in the optional destinations (No answer, busy, not reachable), asterisk will play the fax tone as soon as that extension is dialed.

Yes. That works. Thanks.

It’s cumbersome though. Legacy mode makes much more sense if a DID is only used to receive faxes. If I have to create an inbound route and a matching extension for every fax DID it makes the administration much more difficult when you have a lot of DIDs. It also adds SIP extensions that can be hacked when there is no need for it.

It would be so much simpler if the inbound routes plays a fax tone just like the extension does when the optional destinations are (No answer, busy, not reachable).

2 more questions.

  1. Do I have to set “canreinvite=yes” in the fax extension?
  2. Do I need to set the inbound route to fax? All it does is answer and wait for a couple of seconds to recognize the fax but if the extension is configured to answer as fax anyways maybe this is not needed?

You don’t have to use any channel technology for a FAX extension. Use the “virtual” extension type.

Hi Guys
I have actually opened the new thread for my Fax problem but when I saw you guys are already discussing about the virtual fax so I thought I should bring my problem as well in front of you to get it solved.
I have installed elastix v 2.0.3 and have made sip extentions for voice (telephone calls) and a IAX2 extention for fax receiving only. I got 3 or 4 times fax when I installed elastix v2.0.3 at my server but after that I never got any fax. When some one calls on my this IAX2 extention, it connect and give the sound of fax but either it does not receive any fax or if receive, it only receive half of the first page only and nothing more than that. I will appreciate if some one can advise me, what I need to do so that I can receive complete pages at my fax extention. My other all sip telephone extentions are working fine. Please help…

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You have a different issue. Not many people in the FreePBX forum know anything about Elastix either.