Fax and Freepbx 2.7 have many problems

my old config was asterisk and Freepbx 2.6. Width this config i’ve always send and receive fax from a fax machine connect to’ a grandstream 4004 adapter or a fax server Windows. I’ve upgrade to asterisk , FFA Free Digium and and Freepbx 2.7. Now i receive 1 fax every 10 and i can’t send fax.
Today have update Freepbx where 1 update was fax module. Now i can’t receive fax. The log show me a out of time error when receive the first page after 7/10 seconds.
Where are the problem? The upgrade asterisk and Freepbx have many bug with fax ?

Thank you

Thank you,
i’ve test with a fax machine and the pbx with the internal 666 and result all go fine.
So can be the external line of British Telecom or the Patton 4552.

I’ve a question: after received a fax the file from /var/spool/asterisk/fax was deleted and send with email. I want a copy of the file save in a directory or not remove the file from /var/spool/asterisk/fax so have a backup in the case of email error.
How can i do it?

Thank you

well when you turn around and upgrade Asterisk and FreePBX at the same time, it’s going to be hard to determine where your problems are. In the future, use some “common sense” and do things one at a time.

The update today for FAX in FreePBX addressed a limited number of systems. Those systems worked none of the time if the fix applied.

Concerning sending fax, FreePBX doesn’t have anything to do with sending faxes so if you are running into issues, you may want to look elsewhere.

As far as partial success, FreePBX doesn’t have anything to do with this. Either your faxing gets to the installed application (FFA or spandsp) or it doesn’t. If it gets there and is having problems dropping pages or similar, then again look elsewhere because FreePBX has achieved it’s job and gotten your channel connected with your fax reception module.

So it sounds like your issues may be related with the upgrade of Asterisk, or other things you may have done not mentioned here, assuming your faxes are now routing properly.

It may be an Asterisk setting, I frankly don’t know.

We convert and send it to you but we don’t delete it. I can tell you in my spool directory I’ve got all the old tiff files (since 2006 :slight_smile: ) sitting in there…