[FATAL] PEAR must be installed (requires DB.php). Include path:?

i’m installing asterisk on 1 dedicated server but when i launch this command:

i receive the error message:
[FATAL] PEAR must be installed (requires DB.php). Include path: .:

I tryed with yum install php-pear-DB but nothing
I tryed also so:

[[email protected] ~]# pear channel-update pear.php.net
Updating channel "pear.php.net"
Channel “pear.php.net” is up to date
[[email protected] ~]# pear install db-1.7.14
pear/db is already installed and is the same as the released version 1.7.14
install failed

How i can continue?
I use centos server…
thank you

Do you remember that I told you:-

. . .you really need to go to plesk/parallels, whoever you bought your server from, for why they do what they do and any other gotchas that might prevent you installing FreepPBX et al. on itself.
. . .


(Nobody else has your problem :slight_smile: )

you think si plesk the problem?
What i want try to do is to have only 1 server with freepbx and my websites

Not 1 server for freepbx and 1 server for my websites.

Can plesk give me this problem?
I just payed this server for only 1 month so i can “test” if is possible or not to make it :slightly_smiling:

I have never used Plesk nor apple products, but pretty familiar with all forms of linux supported VM’ing,

I am pretty certain you can get a hosted FreePBX solution through Sangoma for some bucks

or can buy/rent a cloud server cheaper almost anywhere and do it properly, but a big caveat , don’t buy anything that has the word “container” anywhere in the small print. Either way you it is simplistic (almost) to add sites to a web server

i’m trying to install it on the dedicated server because i think the cloud server is not sure.
What experience you have about cloud server and asterisk with freepbx?
You think is sure to install it there?
My current system is on a cloud server

I don’t use many commercial cloud servers, I have in effect my own, nowadays all as KVM/qemu VM’s under proxmox but as long as the kernel is “real” and fully available and the network is equally available then the traffic is unimpaired and things like firewalls that rely on kernel level stuff will work well, You need a machine that presents a “clean machine” under which you can install a distro of choice or roll your own, a quick look at Parallels/Plesk suggest that there are too many layers of other stuff to contend with for a VOIP server without a lot of hoop jumping as you are discovering.

ok, thank you, i installed it on another cloud server :slight_smile: