Fatal Error while Saving Recording

Hello All,

Recently, I was doing a new installation of Asterisk and decided to use also new version of FreePBX 2.3.0. Everything went normal, just few glitches of permissions but go it working…

Now when I try to upload my own recordings from “System Recording” and click on Save, I get the following message: -

INSERT INTO recordings values (’’, ‘SysIntro’, ‘custom/SysIntro’, ‘No long description available’) [nativecode=1146 ** Table ‘asterisk.recordings’ doesn’t exist]

And in mysql I can not find this table either… So is this a bug?


some how your recordings table got blown away or did not get created. The easiest way to try and address the issue is to uninstall and then reinstall the module. You can do this one of two ways. Use the module_admin command line tool to do it, or you can go into the module’s xml, change the tags that say:


and make them yes (or just delete both lines). And then uninstall the module. When you reinstall it the tables will be recreated for you.

Philippe Lindheimer - FreePBX Project Lead
http//freepbx.org - IRC #freepbx

Thanks man…

Sorry to ask stupid question, but where can I find this module and how can I reinstall?


Dunno what I was thinking when I asked you how to reinstall… got it working…
Just installed the updated version of System Recording and its working now.