Fatal error: Call to undefined method AGI_AsteriskManager::c

Hi, i intall freePBX, but when i try check for updates online and download new modules, this error appears me

Module Administration

Fatal error Call to undefined method AGI_AsteriskManagerconnected() in /var/www/html/admin/functions.inc.php on line 185

in this file in the line 185 i have
185 if (isset($astman) && $astman->connected()) {
186 //get version
187 $response = $astman->send_request(‘Command’, array(‘Command’=>‘show version’));

what’s the problem???


sounds like you are pulling off of svn. Go update it again, it should be ok now.

hi, this answer is for me? i don’t understand. Sounds?

please specify.

is there anyone else on this thread?

you pulled form the 2.2 svn branch vs. one of the tarballs or you would not have gotten that error. It should now be fixed, so you should be able to do an ‘svn update’ of where you pulled it from and re-run install_amp and that should address the error.

yes. works… i upgrade freepbx and works.

thank you very much

best regards