[FATAL] DB Error: connect failed

We’ve been running on Sangoma FreePBX 100 originally setup in 2015. From what I understand everything has been left on the versions that were originally installed.
The Sangoma Vega-ENT4 is at version 2.16.1242
As seen in the GNU GRUB, the PBX(OS?) is at version 2.6.32-431.e16.x86_64
The GUI was FreePBX 12

The system went down without a known probable cause. No inboud or outboud calls and the GUI reports a DB Error.
At the end of it’s boot process the server reports that Avahi daemon has failed.
I had to change the root password in the PBX kernal to log into FreePBX on the server (the password had been lost from initial setup).
I’ve dabbled with the Mysql according to suggestions in other topics about Fatal DB Error, but the problem appears to be different with issues at different sockets.

Thank you in advance for your help and expertise!

The Vega hardware should have support if you have paid for it, there is no way we can support it here.

Our service contract with Sangoma for this server expired years ago, making reinstating support more expensive than we’d like to afford.

Why does being on Vega hardware make your support irrelevant to this situation?

Because it is a commercial platform and only loosely related to FreePBX per se, you could presumably zero it out and start over and then we might be in a position to help. Or just pay the toll-owner his dues.

I suggest you look at your agreed license with Sangoma.

It looks as if your system is based on CentOS 6 that is no longer supported. Since FreePBX and its commercial variants are rather complex products there could be package inconsistences by now.

If you haven’t left out anything essential, then someone who knows a lot about Linux, Asterisk and Sangoma hardware could likely fix your problem. The time it takes to analyze this old system and to try out one or the other thing could still be unacceptable.

Dicko is right. If you are somewhat familiar with these systems, then it is much easier to install a current operating system and the corresponding drivers. The installation of FreePBX is still the easiest step.

Thank you both for your input and explanation.

Just wanted to document how resolution went for us on the off chance that it can enlighten someone else needing support with their Sangoma FreePBX system.

Sangoma does provide support for their PBX products without a support contract for hardware/appliance problems but not for bugs or configuration problems.

Since our issue could be classed as a hardware problem, we were able to just buy a block of support. The hard drive was full, turned out to be a straight forward fix.

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