Fast AGI - installation on a remote server

Hello, everyone.
I have read an article about Fast AGI and I would like to test it. What must I install on a remote machine (I have Gentoo Linux) in order that asterisk call remote functions? And another question is how I should process function results. In plain AGI they are returned via STDOUT.

You don’t need to install anything apart from a password-less tcp access to the caller. Of course you will need a process to service the connection, the result would be returned on stdout for asterisk to parse.

What process show I use? Can it be a call to an Apache web server script or it has to be a different software?

It can be anything. You are in control. Ask a question, wait for the answer. . . ( rm -rf / would not be a good thing if allowed :wink: )

I have read an article on FastAGI . As I have understood, all my scripts are automatically executed as FastAGI scripts if I enable The launch local AGIs through FastAGI Server option in the advanced settings. How can I make sure there are executed as FastAGI? Must I do anything else?

That likely only refers to the internal to FreePBX AGi scripts using, continue to use your designated server’s location when calling your scripts , (how would it know where your agi server is otherwise ? :wink: )

I have changed the way to call the scripts as agi::// It works.

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