Farsouth with 54 extension, 1 extension refuses to ring but does phone out?

Hello Ladies, and Gents of FreePBX,

I have a client who can make calls on one of his extension out of the 54 he is using, but the extension he can phone out of refuses to accept a call in,


Reception is 6700
Extension is 6703
6703 can phone anyone internal or external
but no one ca phone or transfer to 6703 as it immediately diverts to 6700

any help would greatly be appreciated.
Pieter from Sunny SA

remember you can turn on call forwarding either at the system level or on the phone itself (depending on the phone model). we get these issues all the time. the user plays with the phone and manages to set up call forward and then forgets about it and then complains that no one can call their phone.