FAR 52.204-24 compliance

The US government released FAR 52.204-24 and 25 a while ago, but seems to start implementing them now. In short, these regulations prohibit anybody to sell telecommunications and surveillance equipment to the government that incorporate products from a few Chinese companies (see below), and it mandates that contractors to the government stop using such equipment (it is a bit more complicated and far reaching, but that is the gist of it. The last one could be critical to a number of companies that use Chinese telecommunications equipment. The Chinese companies are:

(and their subsidiaries or affiliates)

This brings me to the Sangoma phones (And older AAstra phones). Does anyone know if these phones (and which ones precisely) incorporate any parts from the above companies?

The Sangoma S-series phones are 100% chinese, I think. Dont know about the Digium/Sangoma D-series phones.
Since I am located in Europe/Austria…I always find it very funny, when anglo-saxon governments (especially the U.S.) accuse other countries of espionage! :joy:

Just FYI: I talked to Sangoma, and they told me that their S-phones don’t include any parts from Huawei or ZTE, which the FAR is concerned about. No guarantees that this is indeed the case, but I was told so directly by Sangoma.

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