Fallover analog and digital line?

Hello i have small problem. me and my friend share a freepbx server. He has a grandstream fxo analog pots box with 4 lines on it all in a hunt group. and i only have one analog line with a pci fxo card from samgoma. Problem is when my line is tied up and in use no one else can call me. my friend said i can use one of his lines Sense he doesn’t use them all. Problem is how can i port one of his lines to mine so if my line is tied up it can go to that second line and ring in? Can someone please help me. Thank you.

You must contact your POTS provider and have them forward calls on busy if that is a feature available. There is no config you can make locally on the PBX to enable this.

But you could construct a trunk between your box and his to use his channels when you don’t but he does.

Hello just a update. I found out there are two lines that are connected to the Grandstream fxo gateway that is not in the hunt group and i can use them However I’m not sure how i can tell them two lines which are on port 7 and 8 on the Grandstream gateway to just ring in and call out from one Ext only and not to the whole incoming group or outgoing group.

You can separate the individual channels into groups, channels can be in more than one group, you can also use individual channels when asking for an outbound dahdi, if you use the FPX dahdi helper then the wiki above should help.

Hello dicko i kinda understand that. But in the grandstream fxo gateway box what do i have to do to make it channel 8 Port 8 that is how do i have that by it’s self? Currently how is it setup is no matter what is connected to the box channels it all rings to that incoming group. I paid someone 2 years ago to help me setup the grandstream fxo gaeway box. But i just found out that person who helped me passed away 3 months ago. So i have no clue how to isolate the 7th and 8th channel to be it’s own group.

Sorry , I was assuming DAHDI, I haven’t used a GS box in years.

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